Direct Repair Program (DRP) Shop versus Independent Body Shop Repair

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Direct Repair Program (DRP) Shop versus Independent Body Shop Repair

QUESTION: I’ve been in an accident. Where do I need to bring my car for auto collision repairs?
ANSWER: North Carolina law says you can bring your damaged vehicle anywhere YOU CHOOSE.

QUESTION: Do I need to get 3 estimates to send to my car insurance company before I can pick a repair facility? 
ANSWER: No, you don’t need 3 estimates. Insurance companies are required to work with any auto body shop that can do the repairs correctly.

QUESTION: Do I have to take my vehicle wherever my car insurance company directs me?
ANSWER: Never take your vehicle to a “preferred” repair facility suggested by an insurance company. You’re not even obligated to go to a DRP shop for an estimate even if the insurance company recommends that they do. Why would you want to be steered by your car insurance company to an auto body shop that they control?  
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Know your Insurance Rights
In North Carolina, the insurance laws states that the vehicle owner has the right to choose any auto repair shop or glass shop for the repair of that vehicle. Beyond that, the vehicle owner shall not be required by an insurance company to travel an unreasonable distance to obtain a repair estimate, have the vehicle repaired at a specific facility or inspect a replacement vehicle. As the vehicle owner, you can choose to take your vehicle to a DRP shop or to an independent body shop – in either case, the insurance company is still required to pay for the auto repair.
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At B & S Body Shop, we want to make the body shop repair process as easy as possible for you. We will work with you while you're having your vehicle repaired with us, and will also contact your insurance company for you. We understand the last thing you want to deal with is any extra stress after you've been in an auto accident

You want the repair done quickly, but naturally you’re going to want to make sure it gets done right. We have state-of-the-art equipment, high-skilled body shop repair techs, and we offer a lifetime warranty on the body shop work we do. We work with all the major insurance companies.

Plus, we can work with you even if you don't want to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider too. B & S Boday shop realizes that your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you've made in your life, and that it's important to you for many reasons... to safely transport your family, to commute to work and back as well as enjoying vacations. That's why we keep you informed and can work with you with, or without filing an insurance claim.
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What is a Direct Repair Program?

Body shops who are part of insurance company controlled programs are "Direct Repair" facilities. Just like health insurance (PPO) preferred provider organizations that chose your doctor for you, these “in-network” types of body shops sign contracts with the insurance companies and are obligated do exactly what they tell them or risk losing future business. Direct Repair shops must follow insurance company guidelines even if it means cutting corners and making you unhappy with the auto repair. 

Car insurance companies “prefer” you deal with these Direct Repair Program (DRP) body shops because they save the insurance company time & money, but BY NORTH CAROLINA LAW, the choice is always YOURS. They cannot legally tell you where to repair your vehicle.

Cutting corners during a repair can lower the resale value of your vehicle. It can also affect the appearance, safety and useful life of your vehicle. Remember, the insurance company aren’t the auto body collision experts. Their job is not to repair your vehicle, but to pay for the repairs while saving their shareholders money. Anyone who ever fought over an insurance claim with an insurance company knows, they’re not your buddy. “Buddy” Hewitt of B & S Body Shop is your buddy!

Independent shops work for the car or truck owner, and not the insurance company big wigs. B & S Body Shop is an independently owned and operated auto body repair facility in Jacksonville NC and offers a Lifetime Warranty on all structural repairs and refinishing.
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 5 Reasons NOT to use Direct Repair Program (DRP) Shop

1. Slow Paying. For customers who do not wish to repair their vehicle, but instead take the repair money and forgo the repairs, a DRP is a slower process in which to receive a check back versus going ahead and scheduling a field adjuster to come out through the insurance company. 
2. Getting a DRP shop recommendation from an auto insurance company is biased in favor of the insurance company.
3. DRP insurance partnerships aren’t important to most customers who are more concerned with quality customer service, expert repairs and the cleanliness of the shop.
4. Contractual requirements might affect a DRP shop’s policies, which some customers might dislike or distrust.
5. If the auto body repair is done incorrectly by a DRP shop, the insurance company will generally require you to return to the same shop that did the original repairs to fix their mistakes. If you were unsatisfied with the DRP shop originally, this would be an unsatisfactory resolution for some people.

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