Auto Paint

Car Paint for Jacksonville, NC

B & S Body Shop has been providing durable car paint jobs since 1974. The shine and sparkle you remember the day you picked out your car at the dealership can be yours again.

There are many different reasons why people choose to get their automobile painted. Frequently all it takes is simple detailing to cover up blemishes such as scratches or small dents. We do everything from small paint touch ups to complete repainting as part of a comprehensive auto collision body repair job. 

Whatever the reason may be, our auto body shop can handle your car painting project.

Car Paint Jacksonville, NC
Car Paint Jacksonville, NC
Touch-Up Auto Painting
If you’re trying to keep costs down, try to just focus on only those couple of damaged panels and spot painting. We’ll sand and chemically clean adjacent areas, but we focus on the auto damage area, and we blend new and old car paint into a sharp car paint surface.

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Our Auto Body Shop offers Superior Auto Painting Services.

Car Paint Process
We use only quality car paint and apply it to your vehicle in a contamination-free, state-of-the-art spray paint booth. This eliminates dust, dirt, lint and other imperfections from degrading your car paint finish. With the bake cycle, there is no worries about your paint not being dry. 
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